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Expand County Commission from three to five members.


Should Deschutes County Commission be expanded to include five members?


Deschutes County’s elected governing body, the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners, is currently composed of three elected members.

This ballot measure, if approved by electors, would expand the Board of Commissioners to include five elected members. In addition, if approved, this ballot measure would set a schedule for the election of Commissioners to coincide with Presidential election cycles. Currently, one of three members is elected in Presidential election years. The two new positions added to the Commission would be filled by election at the next even-year election (2026) for initial terms of two years. In 2028, three Commission positions would appear on the ballot under the terms of this measure and those elected would serve four year terms of office thereafter. The two new positions may not be filled by appointment prior to January 6, 2027.

The provisions of this ballot measure may be amended only by majority vote of the electors of Deschutes County.

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